DIY Rustic Wall Plaque

Happy Thursday!  This is my first real post on my blog.  I hope you guys like it!

Ok so today I’d like to share a tutorial for some fun personalized wall art.  Buying stuff from the store to hang on your wall just doesn’t have a personal feel to it.  Try making some of your own!


I really liked how this plaque turned out.  It really pulled this wall display together, as well as adding a fun and unique touch.  Are you sold yet?  Try making one!


Here are the basic supplies you will need.  You will also need some twine, wire, or ribbon to hang on the back of the plaque. (not shown in photo, mostly because I forgot)


This is the wood stain that I used.  It really doesn’t matter what stain you use, as long as you like the color!  You might want to buy a stain that is similar to the shades of wood you already have in the room your plaque will be hung.


Alright so let’s get started!  Here is a list of the materials I used:

-1/2″ thick piece of wood (I used a scrap of select pine, but really any nice quality wood will work.  You can find small pieces of wood at Lowe’s or Home Depot.  They will also cut it down for free if you need them to.  The first few cuts are free.

-Wood stain (Any kind is fine, as long as it’s a good bit darker than the wood you are using.  Light oak is probably too light.)

-Rag or cloth to apply stain.  I used one of my hubby’s old t-shirts.

-Gloves to protect your hands from the stain.


-Flathead screwdriver

-Two 1/2″ nails

-Pencil and eraser

-Colored pencils.  I used an assortment of browns, blacks, reds and a light grey.  Any brand should work, although I used Prismacolor.

Ok! once you have gathered your supplies, it’s time to decide what you want your plaque to say.   Not sure?  Here are some suggestions:

-Favorite short quote from a book

-Bible verse (or a small part of a verse)

-Your last name

-Favorite short romantic or inspiring movie quote

-An inspiring word (Love, Faith, Prayer, etc)

-Make up your own!

-Really stuck? Search online for inspiring quotes!  There are some great ones out there.

Once you have decided on a short quote or a word, grab some scrap paper and sketch out how you want it to look.  I love freehand lettering, but if you need a little extra help  follow these steps.

-Go online to, and click on a few of the “fancy”, “script” and “basic” choices.  Once you find one that you like, type out your quote in the preview section, then click enter.  You will be able to see your quote in the fonts that you like.

-Using the tool above to help with your lettering, lightly sketch out your quote the way that you want it on your piece of wood.  It’s important to do this step lightly so that you can erase as much as you need to!

-Play around with your lettering until you are fully satisfied with how it looks.

photo 2

Now it’s time for the fun part! Coloring it in!  I chose to have one word in color.  This isn’t necessary, but it’s something you might want to do.  Think about your decor in the room you are going to hang your plaque before deciding on a color.

Grab you colored pencils and fill in your words with black, or another bright color such as blue, red, purple or green.

After you have filled in all the letters with color, use your black and brown pencils to run some streaks all over the wood.  This will help give it an antique look.  Be sure not to press too hard on this step.


Pay special attention to the edges of the wood.  Darkened edges give the wood an older look.


We’re almost done! The last step (before the adding hanging hardware on the back) is to add a bit of stain.  For this step, shake the can of stain before opening, and then open your stain with the screwdriver.  Lightly dab the cloth into the stain.  You only need a dab of stain.  Using light pressure add a bit of stain in horizontal streaks.  Go right over the lettering.  No need to cover the whole plaque, just add a few streaks until you are happy with the effect.  After this step, let your plaque dry.


After it’s dry, you might want to add a few touch-ups with colored pencil, depending on if it needs it after the stain.

Now to hang it up!  Grab your nails and hammer, and whatever you are using to hang your plaque. (Twine, ribbon, or wire would work).  Hammer each nail about 1/2″ in from the side, making sure to hammer it in at an angle.


Don’t hammer the nail all the way in.  Attach the twine/ribbon/wire, and if needed hammer the nail into the wood at an angle so that it lays pretty flat.


You’re done! Hang up your plaque and enjoy it!!


So what do you think? Do you want to try making a plaque?




Hey guys! Welcome to my blog.  I’m very excited about starting this blog and sharing with you all some things that I have learned about making life fun and creative.  As an artist, I enjoy the different and unique things in life, and I can’t wait to share them with you!  So keep checking back as I continue to post!