dap·pled [dap-uhld]  

having spots of a different shade, tone, or color from the background; mottled.fave 2

     The name of my blog was originally inspired by the simple fact that I’m  freckled.  I’ve always had freckles, and as a child I really wasn’t a huge fan.  Oh ok, I actually hated them.  Most people think they are cute (especially when they don’t have them) but as a kid I remember praying that when I woke up in the morning my freckles would be gone.  It never happened.  In high school I started not to mind them quite as much, and by college I had learned that a freckled face has an entirely different quality of beauty.  It’s slightly unique, and it’s imperfect.  The older I get the more I realize that there is a fresh and untamed beauty in the imperfect things in life.
     So that’s the premise of my blog- finding beauty around us, many times by using old things to create something new, often just by thinking outside the box.  Now let me tell you just a bit about me.  I am an artist and I have a grad degree in Studio Art.  I am a private art teacher, an aspiring designer, a cook, and a lover of antiques.  I am newly married to my best friend and childhood sweetheart Joseph, (I’m sure I’ll be posting plenty about him in the future) and I love finding new ways to make our little apartment fun and homey-without spending a lot of money!
A few random things about me…
-I love old movies
-I love pickles
-I love to laugh
-Sometimes when I get really excited I clap my hands and squeal
-I am one of six kids
-I grew up on a farm
-I’m in love with tiny plants
-I have a fetish with cool bottles
-I really enjoy making the most out of every holiday. (ok maybe I just love parties and good food! :D)
Feel free to ask me questions about material on this blog, or anything you like!

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  1. Jessiejane says:

    Love your blog, Amber! Please keep it up! I’m sure it’ll make you famous someday. 🙂 And I love that you clap your hands and squeal when you’re excited; I miss that so much!

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