10 Creative Camping Activities to do for Free

The hubbers and I are taking advantage of some of his time off, and going on a little camping trip.  We’re pretty excited!  We are leaving today, so I won’t be on the blog for a bit.  But I’ll be back soon and excited to share new things with you guys!  As I’ve been preparing things for our trip the last couple of days, I’ve thought a lot about the camping trips my family has had in the past.  I have some really special memories of family times from camping trips, and some of those fun memories are from the creative things we came up with while we were there.  I decided to share with you guys a list of creative things to do while camping.  These ideas are great for kids, and most of them would be fun for the whole family.

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I did this as a kid and I cherish it now… a child of any age can do this, even if they are just drawing pictures!  Or get them to narrate a few things to you and write it for them.  I’m going to do this on our trip!

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(Instructions here)

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Kid’s can collect things and press them while camping.  Then you can make crafts/display what they find later!


My family does this every time we go camping.  This works best if you have some open area around to play.

photo 2-3

photo 3-2

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My family has always had a fun time doing this one too!

Do you like my list?  I hope these ideas are helpful to you!


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