DIY: Rustic Necklace Hanger

Here is the last Jewelry Organizer that I promised.  This one took barely any time to make, and it adds a great decoration to the wall!


The piece of drift wood that I used is actually from the Bahamas.  We found it on our honeymoon, and I finally figured out something to do with it.   If the wood were longer, I would have added more knobs, so you can definitely make this hanger as long as your wood allows.


Speaking of drift wood, we went to the beach today.  It definitely wasn’t swimming weather, we just played some frisbee, flew a kite, shopped, and did some geocaching.  I’ll post some pictures for you guys in an upcoming post. 🙂


Back to the topic on hand.  For this useful little pretty, you only need a few supplies!



  • Piece of driftwood
  • Small decorative knobs (the kind for a drawer or cabinet)
  • Hammer
  • 2 Nails (shorter that the thickness of the wood)
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Paint Brush


I decided to make my own knobs out of oven bake clay and then painted them.  It worked great! You might decide to experiment and make your own too, but you can easily buy decorative knobs as well.

1. Paint a strip of color on your wood.  I mixed silver and red to achieve this metallic red color.  Copper or gold would look great too.


2.  After the paint dries, flip the wood over.  Hammer in the two nails at the top of the wood, and then tie your string or ribbon on, like below.


Now for the knobs!


3.  Screw your knobs into the wood.  You might need to use a Phillips screwdriver to get the holes started.


Wasn’t that easy?  Hang up your new organizer and add some jewelry!



I am so glad that I finally have all my jewelry displayed and available to look at.  I’m so excited to wear more of it, now that I remember what I have!

Have fun crafting!

xoxo Amber



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