DIY: Jewelry Organization

So pretty much ever since we got married, (which is over 8 months now! Wow!) I haven’t really had a good place to put all my jewelry.  Most of it is in random bags or little boxes in the closet, so as a result, I don’t wear half of it!  I needed a good way to display all my bling.  I decided to make the three following things, since I have lots of do-dads laying about.

1.  Jewelry Tree

2.  Rustic Necklace Hanger

3.  Stud Earring holder

Over the next few days, I will be sharing tutorials on all three of these ideas.  Today we will start with the jewelry tree.  I tried a few different ways of doing this, and this is the one that I think looks the best and is the sturdiest.



  • Branches
  • Small flower pot, jar, etc (I got mine at a dollar store for 1$)
  • Air drying clay (or hot glue)
  • Acrylic craft paint or spray paint
  • Scissors
  • pebbles/small rocks


Joseph and I collected a whole bunch of lovely rocks at a nearby beach yesterday, so I will be using some of those for this project.  I suggest finding your own rocks to make this project super inexpensive!  I made this project for 1$, since I already had some paint and clay!


Let’s get started!

First, use the scissors to trim you branch to your desired height.  Trim any extra branches that you think necessary to achieve the shape you want.


If you are using hot glue, put a good amount of glue in the bottom of the flower pot and fasten your stick.  Hold until dry.  If using air dry clay like I did, hold stick in the flower pot and press the clay around it like this.


Now to paint the branches.  Make sure if you are using spray paint for this part, that you cover the flower pot with a plastic bag.  I chose to use acrylic craft paint, in copper.


If you used clay, let the clay dry a bit before adding the stones.  I let mine dry overnight.

Add stones, and decorate with jewelry!






This only takes a few minutes to make.  It’s so worth it!  Now I can see all my pretties and the tree itself in a nice accessory to my room.  Make sure you check back tomorrow for more Jewelry Organization DIY!


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