DIY: Spray Paint Pillows

Happy Belated Easter everyone! I hope you all had a great day spending time with family and the people that are special to you.  We really enjoyed good food, family, and praising Jesus.

Today I have another fun DIY tutorial.  This one is great because it can be really quick, or if you decide to add more detail, you can do that too.  So it’s great for even the un-crafty people 🙂

These fun accessories never turn out the same twice! I love the beauty in imperfection.  And these pillows have that random imperfect charm to them.  You probably even have everything you need already on hand!





  • spray paint (several different colors is best)
  • pillow cases (Or scrap fabric.  You can make several small pillows from one pillow case).
  • pillow stuffing – I used the stuffing from an old pillow in my closet.
  • Sewing maching
  • white thread (or the color of your case you are using)
  • leaves and/or flowers (real or fake)
  • something to spray paint on (so you won’t get it everywhere)

If you are adding wording you will also need:

  • piece of cardboard or mat board
  • xacto knife
  • white paper and pencil

Alrighty! Here is how I made my pillows 🙂

Start by cutting your pillowcase down to the size you want.  You should only have to sew up 1 or 2 sides later, because the case does half the work for us.


Lay out your pillowcase on a piece of cardboard or a large tupperware lid.  Arrange your flowers and leaves how you want them.


Shake up your spray paint, and add a light layer.


If you like, add another layer using another color.


Here is what I had at this point.  I decided I wanted my stems to be more noticeable.


So I layered my flowers and leaves back on, and lightly added some white, only over the stem areas.  The white added some speckles because the can sprayed a bit weird, but I actually liked the look of them.  Work with the surprises that the spray paint gives you.


Alright, now if you are pleased with your pillow, jump ahead to the sewing and stuffing section.  If you want to add words or numbers (like your Anniversary), keep reading.

Grab the cardboard or mat board and the piece of paper.  Sketch out the wording you want and carefully cut it out with the xacto know.


If you wanted to, you could easily print out text from the computer and cut out the letters that you printed.


Be careful not to lose the small parts, like the inside of the e, or o, etc.


Lay the stencil you just made over your partly finished pillow case.


Add a few light layers, and then lift and check it out.


I decided I wanted to highlight a word, and so I put the stencil back and sprayed some white over “Kiss”.




After your pillowcase is dry, turn it inside out.


Now sew a straight running stitch up the open sides, leaving a small area unsewn, about 2″ in length.


Turn your pillowcase right side out.



Now add the stuffing through the small hole.



Fold the edges of the opening inside like this.


Using a needle and thread, close up the opening with a whip stitch.


All done! Have fun making your own unique decorative pillows!




2 thoughts on “DIY: Spray Paint Pillows

  1. Charity Haynes says:

    Once again….beautiful projects!! You are very talented. Sidebar question: What model Singer sewing machine was that? I’ve been wanting one as well and that one looks to have alot of stitch options.

    • says:

      Thanks Charity! I have a Singer Stylist. I love it! It’s easy to use, it does anything I want, and It’s cute too 🙂

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