DIY: Decorative Bottle and Tray

Hey friends! Today I’d like to share with you a fun way to create beautiful decorations out of old items you may have around the house.  You only need a few supplies, and the process is a lot of fun!


In this tutorial I’m going to show you step by step how to make the beautiful floral bottle above.  If you would like to follow the same steps and attach some flowers to a plate or platter instead, you can make something similar to the white tray I made below.  I used a cheap dish I got from Goodwill!


Alright! So lets talk about what supplies you will need.

  • A bottle, dish or vase


  • Oven hardening clay (white or grey would be best) I purchased mine at A C Moore for $1.00.  You will need about one small package per project.


  • Gloss spray paint in desired color ( I like this kind because it has great coverage and bonds to almost anything!) I purchased mine at A C Moore.


  • Epoxy (I used this E-6000 epoxy I got from Michael’s Art’s and Crafts.)  Super Glue should work as well, and probably even hot glue, although I haven’t tried either of those with this project.


  • A styrofoam plate and butter knife
  • A small piece of tin foil
  • A box or container to spray paint in (Or a piece of cardboard)


Now let’s get started!

Preheat your oven according to the clay package directions.  Next, open your clay and work a piece of it with your fingers until it is soft and pliable.


Take a small piece of the clay and make a simple petal shape, like this.


Make six petals.


Now gently form the petals together to make a flower shape. (Isn’t working with clay fun?! I love it!)


Form a smaller petal out of clay.


Press it into the center of the flower like this.


Add two more small petals in the same way.


Make three petals that are even smaller, and wrap them together like this.


Gently stick it into the center of the flower.


Pinch all of the petals gently to give them some form.


Your flower should look similar to this.


Next, using your butter knife, add some detail into the petals.  Lightly add lines and small nicks on the edges of the petals, like a real flower would have.


Carefully cut off the excess clay on the bottom to make it flat.


Check and see how your flower looks on the object you are adding it too.  Mine stuck to the bottle so I could get a good look at it.


Alright! Now I’ll show you how to add leaves.  Make two shapes similar to the large petals you made, but these need to be pointier on the ends, like a leaf.


Attach them to the bottom.


Add some leaf detail with the knife.


Flatten the bottom again if needed, and see how it looks on your bottle or whatever you are using.


When you are satisfied with your flower, lay a bit of foil on a pan, set your flower on top and put it in the oven.


Cook according to package directions.  Mine needed to cook for 30 minutes.  The clay I used was slightly pliable still when I took it out, but it continued to harden more as it cooled.

Now to glue it on.  DO THIS OUTSIDE! Especially if you are using the same glue I did.  I wore a mask as well for this part.


Add glue to the bottom of the flower and press onto the bottle.  Hold it on for about 30 seconds.  Let the glue dry completely before painting.



Using a cardboard box or some other kind of container to paint in (I used this old purple storage bin), completely cover your bottle with spray paint.  I did three coats and let it dry a few minutes in between each one.  I also wore a mask for this part as well.  Let dry completely before bringing inside.


And your done!


If you want to do a tray like this, I just made a smaller flower along with the big one, and a simple bird. Then I sprayed it with gloss white spray paint.


Here are some detail shots.



I had a lot of fun making these! And they turned out so pretty!  Let me know what you think!


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