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It’s Friday!  I am super excited about this weekend, because Joseph finally has a couple of days off.  Yay!  It’s been a two week stretch of not having much time together, so we are very excited about Saturday.  We are planning on going on a picnic…sound nice? Yeah I agree.  Picnics are just an awesome thing, whether it be a romantic date, a family outing, or a group of friends!  You really can’t go wrong with some yummy food and a lazy day at the park.  Don’t forget the frisbee! (One of my favorite park accessories :D)

A few items I would adore having with me at the park are these beauties.  I’ve always wanted to get a picnic  basket, and this one is pretty cute don’t you think?  I think I’m going to cave and get one this year!  I also love the matching picnic blanket- soft on top and waterproof on the bottom.  Another spring/summer thing I’d love to get is a hammock… and I just LOVE this crochet one! What a beauty!



1-Picnic basket  2-Dress   3-Picnic blanket   4-Crochet flats   5-The Giver   6-Crochet hammock

All this talk about picnics has me really thankful that the weather is finally warmer!  What plans to you have for the spring?  Here are a few suggestions to get you outside and enjoying the fresh air.


1.  Get a cheap badminton set and hit the birdie around!

2.  Make a list of things to find in nature and go on a scavenger hunt together.  You can even make this a race to see who can find everything first.

3.  Plant a flower garden.  Try a bit of landscaping, and maybe try adding a pathway with bricks or stones!

4.  Play in the rain together.  I’m serious! next time it rains, put your swimsuits on and play tag in the backyard! (only if there is no lightning!)

5.  Go for a bike ride.  Take advantage of the not-super-hot weather and take a long bike ride!

6.  Make and fly a kite together. (Maybe I’ll do a DIY kite tutorial sometime :D)

7.  Grab some favorite books, snacks, and fishing gear and go fishing!

8.  Go on a photo shoot!  Pick out each others outfits and take some fun and creative photos in a cool location.  (Young kids might not go for this one)

9.  Go to the beach!  Before the summer crowds hit find some smaller beaches, wade, walk the shore, and bring some outdoor games.

10.  Go on a picnic! (I mean you knew I was going to add this one!)

I hope these ideas inspire you to enjoy the spring weather with your sweetheart, friends and family! What other things do you like to do in the spring?


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